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This is incredible.

How are you finding your first year? I know mine has had its ups and downs and its only been 6 months :)

It’s getting better! I stated my new job in September and have been doing extra shift like crazy to fund extra curricular socialising!   I also just started the ITU course so it’s back to lectures again!

Starting this new job, I felt newly qualified and really stupid again even though most of the stuff is the same they just use different names or slightly modified protocols, for examples the vents are different and have all different names for the modes but essentially I just have to learn what each mode was called on the vents at my old trust and it makes sense.  It took another six months for me to settle again but I have finally stopped looked for another job at the end of each shift! (That said I have an 18 month plan which in short doesn’t start and end in the same job)

Are you liking ITU?  It’s now been 17 months since I started and I still have days when I wonder wtf I was thinking?!!!

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Heading to a isolation room, looking all sassy in my PPE.



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I'm thinking about studying nursing and King's is one of my first choices. What is a day in the life as student nurse like, academically and on wards too?


Academically, I had more lectures than my friends doing humanities etc…, Lectures are usuall at least 4 days a week (when we are not in placement) and covered things like Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology (drugs), Psychosocial (psychology & social considerations of nursing), Clinical skills (dressings, techniques for things like injections, bedmaking! care planning etc), Interprofessional learning (module taken with medical, dental, physio, pharmacy and nutrition student - kind of team building/communications etc…) then we had ‘Nursing 1, 2, 3 &4’ which covered the Critically Ill Patient, Community Nursing, Elderly Care and Complex Care (i.e. patients with lots of different conditions/social considerations/disabilities etc).  

Each year there was also mandatory lectures/sessions like Safety, Moving & Handling, Fire Safety, Basic Life Support (CPR etc) and a math/drug calculation test.

Third year we got to choose a module from a list of possible modules (I chose Global Health and HIV care because they interested me) - there was ECG interpretation, Infection Control, Transition Care for Adolescents, Nursing and the Arts, Self Directed Project (you choose something that interests you and write an essay…_ - there were others to choose from but I have forgotten.

Also in the final year was a dissertation (we also had to do a module on research methods prior to this but I think that is standard in a lot of courses outside of nursing.)

During my training I would typically do a block of lectures (example 8 weeks/2modules) then a placement (6-8 weeks usually).

Some modules finished with an exa, some with an essay.  During some modules you would be expected to do a presentation - I only remember presenting to smaller groups (max 20) I dont think I ever had to do a compulsory presentation to a whole lecture theatre.

Some lectures are in big lecture halls with 100+ people, quite a few are in groups of 30-50 and there were quite a few (especially clinical skills) which you would do in a group of 10-15 people.

On placement you would be assigned a mentor (nurse) who you may or may not work with every shift, each shift you will be (hopefully) assigned a nurse to work with.  At the beginning you will probably shadow the nurse but as you become more confident you can start doing tasks and then taking patients yourself.  You have a skill books with things to get signed off every placement which helps direct your work as you can choose a set of skills for a shift an endeavour to plan them into your shift.

Hope this helps, I have totally forgotten what I did in uni…

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I have not updated, or done any proper posts in my year as a newly qualified nurse (I CAN’T believe it has gone this quickly!!!)

I love working in ITU but the location I moved to didn’t really work for me so I applied, interviewed and successfully got a job in an ITU back in London!

I am 70% moved in to my lovely new house and I have an induction starting on 17th September.  I am MEGA exited to be back in the big city, and looking forward to the challenge of working in a new environment, albeit still an ITU!

I shall endeavor to do some more posting this time around, but I dont have confirmed internet access for another 10 days (pray for me).

Sorry to anyone who asked me questions over the last year which I didn’t reply to - now I have resurrected the blog I will try and respond to any questions you have!

Lots of love x


A very rare and lovely blood transfusion kit from WWII in Germany. I post this mostly because it is beautiful, but also because I will be donating blood on Thursday! Hopefully, they wont use and antique German WWII blood transfusion kit! Stay weird!


A very rare and lovely blood transfusion kit from WWII in Germany. I post this mostly because it is beautiful, but also because I will be donating blood on Thursday! Hopefully, they wont use and antique German WWII blood transfusion kit! Stay weird!


A 1900s medicine kit including ampoules of medicine. 

A 1900s medicine kit including ampoules of medicine. 

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First day tomorrow!

I have had my trust induction, and a few days of my ITU foundation course but my first shift on the ward is tomorrow! I’m majorly scared/exited but I still don’t have a laptop so I’m a but limited on the tumbling front but I will post some more as soon as I acquire computer access!

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I start on Monday!